Us on our graduation day


We’re Jordan and Samantha and we’re a pair of Geordies who moved down to Leeds to focus on our careers.

We recently moved in together and rediscovered our love for fitness as well as continuing our love for food. Yes, we love the gym, but we just can’t say no to a slice of pizza at times.

So we thought we’d have a crack at it and give blogging a go as well as document our lives through lenses on Instagram. We’re amateur but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

So a little about us.

  • Both originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (aka. The Toon)
  • Both went to uni together in Leeds
  • Studied Business Management & also Marketing & Advertising Management, I’ll leave you to decide who took what
  • We LOVE to travel. We’re actually jetting off to Venice and then Vietnam and Cambodia with our significant others this year.
  • We both hit the gym, favouring Pilates, Yoga and Booty Barre
  • We’re girls girls though. We love being pampered at the spa and going to events around the city.
  • Don’t be fooled though, we can get down and dirty if we need to, so if we need to break a sweat, we will.

There you have it. A small snippet of us, but we don’t want to give too much away, we want to save our lives and share them with you through our platforms.


J&S x



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