Nostalgic Dishes – Bringing a Bit Of Home To Leeds, UK.


I moved back down to Leeds just over 7 months ago and I think the one thing i miss the most is my mother’s cooking.

My parents back home own a Chinese restaurant, but when we have family meals our cuisines are vastly different to what we serve in business.

So what’s the story behind the dish above. This… I describe to my friends, soupy pasta with a twist of throw whatever meat you can find in it.

This was my staple diet as a student, cheap, easy, no frills.

So what’s in it?


  • Pasta (to your hunger level)
  • Boiling water
  • 1 cube of chicken stock
  • About 2-3 table spoons of dark soy sauce
  • A twist of whatever meat you can find, I personally like chicken gyozas or chicken wan tons, pork goes well too
  • Handful of Spinach or broccoli to the level of your liking
  • Spring onion
  • Couple of Twists of salt Grinded
  • A dash of pepper


  • Add the pasta a boiling water to a pan and turn up the heat
  • Crush the chicken stock so it’s easily dissolvable, mix in the salt and the pepper and stir.
  • Add the meat of your choice in, depending on what you’re having you can add this in whole or if it’s a slab of pork or chicken , I like this diced usually.
  • Stir again and leave until pasta is soft and meat is cooked
  • If you’re having broccoli, you might want to add this in when you add the meat in so it softens, if you’re having spinach, add this in near the end once the meat is ready.
  • Once your veg has softened, it’s time to dish up! Pour this plus the chicken broth into a bowl and enjoy!

It’s a dish that me and my sisters have been brought up and it’s not necessarily to everyone’s taste but it’s certainly one that warms you up and fills your belly after a long hard day.


S x



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