7 Things To Know When Eating Sushi


I love sushi. I would hands down have this a staple diet and eat it every single day of my entire life. The combination of fresh ingredients, not to mention rice that’s been perfectly rolled forming beautifully shaped pieces of art.

Despite this masterpiece I actually found out that there are a lot of rules when it comes to eating sushi. I unfortunately was not brought up with this etiquette but I’m learning these rules slowly…


So far I abide by these rules:

  1. Always dip the fish side into the soy sauce – reason, seems to be inconclusive but many believe it is because dipping rice into the soy sauce will cause the piece of sushi to become fragile, hence destroying the finely craft piece of food.
  2. Don’t rub your chopsticks together – I’ve been brought up in a Chinese environment, there’s literally so many rules regarding chopsticks, this apparently suggests that the quality is poor to the chef.
  3. Try/Always eat a piece of sushi whole – sushi is a piece of art, we don’t want to ruin this by biting it in half, plus its a good challenge to see how big your gob is.
  4. Use your hands if chopsticks are too challenging – forks are usually uncommon
  5. Don’t add extra wasabi – in Japan sushi could already contain wasabi, meaning adding more flavour would suggest to the chef that their sushi is not to your taste, thus, offending the chef.
  6. Don’t mix wasabi with soy sauce – it ruins the flavours
  7. Don’t be putting ginger on your sushi pieces! this is a palette cleanser meant for in between eat sushi piece. The flavours have already been crafted, no more is needed.

I’d love to go to Japan, it’s on my bucket list and if it wasn’t for the vaycays this year, I’d definitely be looking into it. Next year however….

Have you got any more sushi tips?


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5 thoughts on “7 Things To Know When Eating Sushi

  1. love sushi and the fun tips. oddly, the people I considered veteran visitors of sushi places in Canada all mix wasabi in their soy sauce as a staple practice. That caught me by surprise. What are we supposed to do with the wasabi served with sushi or is that not a traditional addition for a sushi plate?


    1. I thought the same, everyone in the UK seems to do this too but a lot of my friends who have traveled around Japan say it’s not necessarily wrong, but it’s not the correct way of eating! I guess it makes sense when Japanese food is supposed to be a piece of art, meaning any extra flavour could be slightly insulting to the chef. Maybe that’ll be my next adventure, to find a real sushi chef and quiz them on this!


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