Burn Baby Burn! For once, it’s not the plastic!

IMG_4060 (1)

Active wear. You either love it or hate it. But when you’re sweating in it, you want to look good but without the price tag.

George at ASDA offers the best of both worlds. We recently went to ASDA Living that stocked George clothing and we came across some gorgeous sportswear in store. The above sports bra to us, looked like Ted Baker. The florals fit in well with Spring hitting our radars and the bra itself was incredibly good quality. With enough padding, the elasticated waist and support offered great support, as well as the criss-cross back that was super trendy.

Sports Bra – £8


What else do we need when working out? Oh yes, a bikini, not only great for sunbathing in when we’re on our travels, but great for swimming as well as relaxing those muscles after a strong workout at the gym.

This is super trendy and the elastic top will avoid those embarrassing moments the clasps suddenly unhooks itself. The cut itself it really good support for your chest and most importantly its really comfortable.

The bottoms are a nice snug fit around the derrière meaning you can walk around feeling relaxed, but good about yourself too.

Bikini top – £8

Bikini bottoms £4

Total – £20 for all 3

We love exploring new patterns, trends and styles, but we want to make sure we’re as comfortable as we can be when we’re working out or just relaxing. Feeling good about yourself is one of the most important things to us.


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